Colorectal Cancer Canada

July 2023
09:00 AM EDT
July 2023
At Midnight EDT
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About Our Auction

Every day, we at Colorectal Cancer Canada strive to help Canadians. Together, we work to help prevent colorectal cancer, to prolong the lives of those touched by it, to support patients families as they cope with the challenges of this disease, and to ensure timely access to the most effective treatments. We have found and look forward to a future of continued success in our education, awareness and support initiatives that make a world of difference in the lives of so many families across the country. This is all made possible due to the generous support and dedication of our members, volunteers, medical advisers, all aided by our sponsors, who together help us Canadian patients and caregivers. And with your support we can serve more patients every year and offer further support programs to provide guidance, information, and psychosocial resources. We at CCC play a leading role in promoting colorectal cancer screening programs nationally and facilitate time access to effective treatments so that patients can make informed decisions and improve their prognosis.


Colorectal Cancer Canada is the nation’s not for profit colorectal cancer patient organization dedicated to colorectal cancer awareness and education, supporting patients and their caregivers and advocating on their behalf. We aspire to reduce the incidence and mortality of colorectal cancer in Canada while improving the quality of life of patients, their families and their caregivers.

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