Cat Art Auction

The Art of Compassion Project
May 2019
10:00 PM BST
May 2019
10:00 PM BST
GOAL £750.00
29.4% To Goal

About Our Auction

We are pleased to have the opportunity to raise funds for TACN (Towards a Compassionate Nation) who are a volunteer-run charity. We have 50 gorgeous cat art Giclée prints on auction. All artwork and photographs are printed on heavy archival paper and promise to stay beautiful for many years to come. So why not treat yourself or buy as a gift and support a worthy cause in the process?

During a recent trip to China, Grace Han, Co-Founder of TACN (Towards a Compassionate Nation), rescued 14 cats and transferred them to Beijing to receive veterinary care and a better chance to be adopted. Some of them were saved from being sold and slaughtered for their meat, skin and fur. Others were previously strays, abandoned due to illness, and they were likely ending up being snatched or trapped by cat meat traders. Those in need of veterinary care were taken to the hospital in Beijing, where they've received a health check, vaccination and treatment, some of them are currently hospitalised for further treatment and surgery. They have placed the healthy ones in foster homes and local adoption centre, they're working to rehome them to suitable homes and giving them a life worth living.

The proceeds from this auction (after printing costs) will go directly to TACN towards covering the cost for veterinary care, treatment, surgery, boarding, foster care and rehoming of these cats.

For more information on TACN, please visit:

***ALL 50 items will be added by 10pm on the 6th May, when the auction opens.***

The following artists have kindly allowed prints of their work to be made and auctioned for this cause (click on link to go directly to the item on auction);

Activism_through_art (UK)
Adriana Gasperi (Venezuela)
Beth Redwood (USA)
Chelsea Dub (USA)
Chema Lera (Spain)
Chris Corrao (USA)
Denise Hof (Germany)
Eleny Dritsas (Canada)
Evelyn Suttle (Ireland)
Hayley M Dorian (UK)
Holly Hazen (USA)
Hollie Merry (UK)
Jade.MB_I Don´t Eat Grass (Italy)
Jane Lewis (UK)
Jannis Winckler (Germany)
Jessica Nicholson (USA)
Jessica Sheinbaum (Finland)
Joachim Sohn (Germany)
Jo Hanna (Australia)
Karen Fiorito (USA)
Karen Lyttle (Australia)
Katrīna Tračuma (Ireland)
Laura Aceto (USA)
Laura Ella (UK)
Leah Comerford (USA)
Lila Marquez (Kuwait)
Lisette Rotman (USA)
Lynda Bell (New Zealand)
Maria Tiqwah (Turkey)
Marzia Cavallo (Spain)
Mellissa Tracy Bushby (South Africa)
Michelle Waters (USA)
Naomi Joy Art (UK)
Nicola McLean (Scotland)
Philip McCulloch-Downs (UK)
Robbie Potter (USA)
Raquel Nievas (Argentina)
Revers Lab (Italy)
Ruth Killoran (New Zealand)
Sally Rumball (South Africa)
Soledad (UK)
Solvej – Silvia Zanchetto (Italy)
Sophie Vujko (UK)
Starry Fox (UK)
Susan Steenhuis (The Netherlands)
Twyla Francois (Canada)
Valérie Catanzaro (France)
Vericless (Chile)

About The Art of Compassion Project

The Art of Compassion Project is an international collective art project involving vegan artists from all around the world. We aim to raise funds through various art projects and donate 100% of the profits to vegan non-profit organizations, while opening the minds and hearts of people to animals and the global benefits of veganism.

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