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Cafe Racer Community Campaign

Cafe Racer
March 2020
08:00 AM PST
May 2020
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Cafe Racer Community Campaign

This online auction is part of Cafe Racer's ongoing community campaign fundraising effort to keep Cafe Racer alive and thriving. This auction features donations from many of our amazing supporters, patrons, and artists who feel the same way we do about the importance of preserving this iconic venue and art culture in Seattle.

About Cafe Racer

Cafe Racer first opened in 2004 as Lucky Dog Espresso. Since that time, many changes—including name and ownership—have taken place.

The current owners took over in January 2018.

"As Seattle continues on its path of gentrification, it’s important to us as Seatlleites to help iconic places like Cafe Racer stay alive," says now owner Jeff Ramsey.

Racer has long been home to Seattle artists of all mediums. The atmosphere fosters creativity. On any given day you'll find musicians, muralists, illustrators, writers, and performers of all kinds shoulder-to-shoulder at the bar or deep in conversation in the OBAMA Room.

At Racer we serve comfort food. From the Meatloaf to the Mac & Cheese and Cobb Salad, you’ll feel like you’re at your favorite aunt's kitchen table. Choose from multiple sandwiches or The Two Bells Burger—an original recipe from the former Two Bells Bar—one of Seattle's oldest art bars.

As one of Seattle's iconic surviving art bars, Cafe Racer prides itself on evening entertainment. Tuesday nights you’ll find open mic—except the third Tuesday of the month, when the the space fills with cartoonists who’re drawing for Dune. Wednesdays you’ll find storytelling, writing groups, comedy, and improv. Thursdays bring rotating musicians, from rock to blues. Friday and Saturday bring a variety of musicians, from new artists to venerable Seattle favorites. The genre varies from weekend to weekend. On Sundays you can always get your avant-garde jazz needs met with Racer Sessions.

And what would an art bar in Seattle be without a bad art museum? The Official Bad Art Museum of Art, aka the OBAMA Room, is a collection of bad art curated by two beloved Seattle artists, Jo David and Marlow Harris. Do yourself a favor and reserve this room for private events.

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