Best Foot Forward

August 2018
09:00 AM PDT
September 2018
08:00 PM PDT
GOAL $1,000.00
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About Our Auction

Craving Amazing has produced Best Foot Forward, a charity event benefiting local youth in Seattle. In our efforts, we were able to raise over 100 pairs of shoes and over 200 pairs of socks for foster kids and youth in need. Along with that, we raised over $1000 towards efforts on behalf of the Treehouse for Kids organization. We are now looking to auction off art that was curated and donated for our Best Foot Forward event.

These canvases were produced around the theme of creative endeavors and the pursuit of your passion. Each of the artists took this creative direction to make their piece in their own vision and perspective. Our intent with Best Foot Forward is to encourage youth to pursue their creative passions as a career, and to showcase artists and individuals who have been able to do just that. We want to take our experience to show those coming behind us how to manifest their dreams and creativity into a relevant and sustainable lifestyle for themselves and others.

About Craving Amazing

Craving Amazing is a creative agency and content platform showcasing the latest and greatest in culture, fashion, music, art, technology, food and more.

As an agency, we specialize in brand identity, social marketing, creative direction, art curation, and event production. Craving Amazing has produced for and collaborated with leading brands across industries, from Roc Nation and adidas, to Red Bull and HTC. We strive to be on the cutting edge of trending interests around the world and continue to develop new partnerships all over the globe.

As a content platform, we like to share what we see with the world through our own scope. Craving Amazing is for the people, and we enjoy both sharing and learning about new things across a wide spectrum of industries and curiosities. If it catches our attention, chances are we’ll share it and tell the people why this content should be on their radar as well.

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