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Bushwick Northwest Tunes & Tales Online Auction

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March 2020
01:00 PM PDT
March 2020
07:00 PM PDT
GOAL $5,000.00
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Bushwick Northwest Tunes & Tales Online Auction

Welcome to our virtual fundraiser! Bushwick Northwest is a federal 501(c)(3) non-profit organization overseeing operation of The Bushwick Book Club Seattle and STYLE: Songwriting Through Youth Literature Education. Our work revolves around the creation of original music inspired by the written word, shared on-stage and through residencies, workshops, and assemblies in schools and libraries.

In 2020 we aim to raise $20,000 to increase the number of STYLE grants offered to schools without their own music programs, underwrite the continual presence of new voices on the Bushwick mainstage, and continue collaborations with local artists, scholars, and organizations that represent the vibrantly-creative communities we serve.

About Bushwick Northwest

Bushwick Northwest delivers literature, music, and songwriting to the Seattle community while building the next generation of musicians and readers.

Every month The Bushwick Book Club Seattle performs original music inspired by a book for a live audience. Through ten seasons and 100+ titles we've traveled from the center of the earth to outer space with authors famous, local, classic, contemporary, and myriad combinations thereof. Encouraging the audience to join in the reading of the book, events become a delightful and probing community conversation: "A brilliant way to expand anyone's appreciation of words written onto the pages of books."

STYLE: Songwriting Through Youth Literature Education offers a variety of school and library programs dedicated to integrating arts into traditional classroom subjects. Working with grades K-12 and using books already in the curriculum, STYLE helps teachers and librarians take new approaches to needed material with lesson plans adhering to Common Core State Standards and The 21st Century Skills, and students gain new access points into Language Arts and Literature. "One of the best programs I've ever hosted for teens," raved one local librarian.

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