Harvest Sunday Silent Auction

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October 2019
03:15 PM EDT
October 2019
01:15 PM EDT

About Our Auction

Leading up to Harvest Sunday, our sermon series has been focused on “Building Tables” in the kingdom of God. As luck would have it, one of our members, David Mathis, is a table builder! We have commissioned David to build a table that will be auctioned off. The proceeds of the auction will go toward our Harvest Sunday offering. To view pictures of the table head to www.campuschurch.org/table

About Harvest Sunday

Harvest Sunday is our way of leveraging our financial support for our ministry partners who are serving both locally and globally. Campus has been uniquely positioned to be able to be deeply invested in ministry partners that share our mission in helping people live the adventure-filled good life in Jesus in different areas of our community as well as internationally. This year, when you give to Harvest Sunday you will be providing support through Campus to Agape, Atlanta Inner City Ministry, YouthReach (Rob Browne and family), Greece (Gulley and Moore families), and the City of Angels.
Your gift will make a difference. Through Harvest Sunday, you can help our ministry partners continue doing valuable work in communities here in Atlanta and around the world. Every penny donated to Harvest Sunday supports the needs and efforts of our ministry partners. Your gifts are funding efforts that will be game-changers for the thousands of people that our partners serve.

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