B.E.S Direct Sales Spirit Partnership

October 2020
08:00 AM CDT
October 2020
08:00 PM CDT

About Our Auction

Bid on a month that you would like to partner with Bridlewood Elementary School, and grow your business while supporting your school!

- Your winning bid secures your month! IN ADDITION: we ask that 50% of sales profits made from the Bridlewood Promotion be donated back to Bridlewood Elementary PTA in exchange for the following:

- The winning bidder will be our featured Direct Sales Spirit Partner for the month.
- Your business will be the ONLY Direct Sales business for that month (restaurant spirit nights and other PTA fundraising initiatives will continue and are separate from this partnership).
- You will need to create and email your digital marketing flyer (specs will be provided) with all the information you wish to communicate to your potential buyers. Make sure any specific dates or any flash specials are on it, as well as your website, your contact information and any other information they would need to know in order to place an order.
-It can be a month long event, or feature specific dates you are trying to target in your month, it is 100% up to you.
- We will send out 1 Blast on the date of your choosing to the Bridlewood PTA Facebook Page, and ALL Class Level Facebook pages. We will also add your flyer the BUZZ for the month and add to the PTA Website!

Please note:
-Due to LISD regulations we cannot put flyers in student folders OR pass out in car line.
- Please feel free to market this event in the community. A few ideas: contact HOA to post in their newsletter, post on neighborhood Facebook Pages, email Bridlewood yahoo group email, hand out flyers at school restaurant spirit night, etc...)

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