Reading Heart + ENP Book Box Auction

January 2021
08:00 AM PST
February 2021
08:07 PM PST
GOAL $10,000.00
12.5% To Goal

About Our Auction

Back during early pandemic (remember that!?!?) Reading Heart and Every Neighborhood Partnership (ENP) were gifted with over 170 Fresno Bee Newspaper Boxes.

With your help, we have begun the process of beautifying them and installing them across Fresno County. We have already placed or donated over 50 book boxes and want to continue this work.

The proceeds from this auction will help continue this work because we believe a good book should always be within reach.

Every box that is purchased also comes with a year supply of books!

Book Bins can only be delivered locally*


If we have the winning bid for a Book Bin what is the next step?
• We can deliver your Book Bin to you (locally within Fresno County) OR
• You arrange for another location for your Book Bin. Either way, we can help you with setting it up!
• You can also donate it back to RH/ENP and we will find a home for it

Basically, what is the commitment?
We ask that you host your Book Bin in a location where kids can easily access and share books. Book Bins will come with a one-year supply of free books. To keep your library stocked beyond the year, we encourage you to read-cycle and share books that you have enjoyed so that others can do the same! We also ask that you keep your Book Bin clean, accessible, stocked and secure. You will need a lock and something to secure the lock to (a tree, fence, etc.). If there is any damage or vandalism, please contact us. These Book Bins are meant to bring books and art to the community. As such, we ask that you do not keep them in a place that is inaccessible such as inside a private residence, in a backyard, etc.

Do we house the Book Bin on our property?
You’re more than welcome to host your Book Bin on your property. Other good locations would be public areas where there’s a high traffic of kids (store, restaurant, play area, etc.) or somewhere near schools or daycare centers (where permitted).

We'd love to see one at the park in our neighborhood, how can we make that happen? Do we contact the city or do you have designated/approved places they can go?
Most public places require a permit or preauthorization. Please look into your local laws before hosting a Book Bin in any area that you do not own or have purview over.

Is there a list of specific areas in need?
We always have a list of locations that are requesting Book Bins. If you like, we can provide that for you.

About Every Neighborhood Partnership & Reading Heart

ENP & Reading Heart have been tag teaming projects for years. Both have a shared love of literacy and seeing all kids in Fresno County thrive.

Learn more about our missions at: &

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