BID FOR BELONGING Community Auction

Bridges to Belonging
July 2020
09:00 AM EDT
July 2020
05:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

For most of us, the social isolation we are experiencing from COVID-19 will "end". Unfortunately, that will not be the case for many people living with physical, intellectual, developmental, psychosocial and mental health disabilities without a social circle or a network of support. For members of our community, social isolation is their everyday reality. Just imagine the impact of living socially isolated, every day of your life, without any meaningful relationships, friends to turn to for encouragement or support?

Bridges to Belonging is a non-government funded charity that relies on the generosity of our community to fund the work we do - empowering youth, adults, seniors to exercise their rights and abilities to live a life of interdependence on their terms supported by a network of family, relatives, friends and neighbours.

This year we made the difficult decision to cancel our two signature fundraising events, Bowling for Belonging and Boogie for Belonging to protect the people and families we work with, our staff, volunteers and the community at large. Funds raised from these events are used to provide individuals and families with access to services based on their ability to pay as well as to offset some operating costs.
The Bid for Belonging Online Auction runs from July 1st through to 5:00 pm July 31st. Winning bidders will be contacted directly the week following the auction to arrange for payment and pickup of their item.
If you do not see something you want to bid on, you can still contribute by donating at

Thank you for your generosity!

About Bridges to Belonging

At Bridges to Belonging, we understand that the need for social connection and a sense of belonging is vital. It builds resilience by helping people to effectively navigate life’s challenges and overcome adversities. Ultimately, allowing people to enjoy a sense of well-being and health, as well as a good life in the community.

We are committed to empowering and equipping people living with disabilities to overcome barriers to inclusion and reduce social isolation. We walk with these individuals supported by their families to embrace their lives, experience belonging, plan for a secure future and live the life they choose. To do this we offer person directed planning, independent facilitation, personal network development and future financial planning support.

Through a human centred and person-directed approach we facilitate a planning process to create a holistic life vision with strength based goals supported by gifts and interests centred activities for a full and meaningful life as determined by the person. But our work does not stop there, we continue to walk with the person to explore, discover and adapt to community based resources that support the goals, all the while, facilitating development of relationships and friendships to for a network of unpaid supports.

Help us build Bridges to Belonging for people with disabilities in the Waterloo Region.

Thank you

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