Brown County Humane Society 2019 Online Auction

October 2019
08:00 AM EDT
October 2019
07:06 PM EDT
GOAL $15,000.00
55.2% To Goal

Brown County Humane Society 2019 Online Auction

The auction kicks off this Sunday, Oct. 20th at 8am. Closing of the auction will begin at 7pm on Thursday, Oct. 24th.

PLEASE NOTE: this auction does utilize a soft close procedure. If an item receives a bid in the last 3 minutes of the auction, it will remain open an additional 3 minutes to allow others a chance to increase their bid. This allows fair bidding amongst all participants. The item will continue this process until no bids have been received for 3 minutes or for a maximum of 30 minutes.

All funds raised during our online auction go directly to providing care for the dogs and cats that come into our shelter.

Your donation will raise funds to support animals like Baby Girl (pictured) who was surrendered due to her discomfort toward other dogs. Baby Girl quickly became the star of the shelter and was loved by everyone. So many potential adopters showed interest, but due to her challenges with other animals, she struggled to find a home. After 200 nights in a kennel instead of with the family she so desperately wanted, Baby Girl’s new mom walked into her life. The day of this sweet girl’s adoption was nothing but smiles from everyone involved.

Baby Girl is just one of the nearly 700 animals we see each year.

About Brown County Humane Society

The Brown County Humane Society is a private, volunteer-supported nonprofit organization dedicated to serving Brown County's dogs and cats. With a passion for humane care & education, BCHS operates the county's only animal shelter, accepting and placing all county animals except those deemed too vicious or ill to save. Despite its small size & budget, BCHS rehomes over 95% of the animals it receives, placing it in the top tier of shelters nationally. Though it derives only a small percentage of its operating budget from municipal sources, BCHS partners with county animal control to rescue and shelter homeless and lost pets.

It also operates a vital, low-cost spay/neuter/vaccine and outreach program, "S.P.O.T.", which has since 2010 successfully halved the number of animals being admitted to the shelter. BCHS is currently training a neighboring, rural county in effective, low-cost spay/neuter and outreach modeled after "S.P.O.T.". With a record of compassion and success, the Brown County Humane Society embodies the power of a positive community for the animals and people it serves!

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