Auction of Awesomeness

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June 2019
09:00 AM BST
July 2019
03:00 PM BST

About Our Auction

Every now and then, an amazing opportunity comes along where money CAN buy things that it usually can’t! We’ve teamed up with some famous faces and brilliant brands to bring you a heap of awesome prizes – think Deadpool and Bohemian Rhapsody signed posters, celebrity meet-and-greets and VIP music event tickets. So treat yourself, your loved ones (or your mum’s mate Elaine who reckons she’s the world’s number one Ryan Reynolds fan), and bid in our auction to get your mitts on some insanely cool gifts.

Not only could you bag something incredible, but you’ll be helping raise money to support the wife and daughter of Michael Monk.

You'll find the full T&C's for our prizes on:

About Team Monk

The Auction of Awesomeness is raising money for Team Monk. Just days before their first daughter Margot was born last August, Michael and his wife Lauren found out he had stage 4 bowel cancer. Doctors said there was little hope apart from a new drug which could prolong his life for a few months. This auction was originally set up to help fund this treatment, but this week we heard the heartbreaking news that Michael’s liver has failed him, and he only has a short time left to spend with his family. We are keeping the auction open in his honour and will continue to raise money, but now your bids will go towards supporting Michael’s wife Lauren and precious daughter Margot.

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