Arwen's Silent Auction [YORKIETHON 4 - 2019]

December 2019
01:15 AM PST
December 2019
04:00 PM PST

About Our Auction

UPDATED January 8, 2020: Shipping was completed tonight and all remaining items will go out in tomorrow's mail! Keep an eye out for your items- they're on their way!

UPDATED January 3, 2020: Happy New Year! Thank you for participating in The Movie Crypt podcast’s 4th annual “Yorkiethon" to benefit Save A Yorkie Rescue! This year’s charity marathon was the most successful yet thanks to all of the wonderful people like YOU who generously donated or purchased items HERE in Arwen’s Silent Auction!

Items purchased in this year’s silent auction began shipping on January 2nd! More batches of items will continue to go out every day as fast as we can get them packed and shipped. Typically it takes about 1 week to finish getting everything out and away, however with this year having almost twice as many items to ship it could take slightly longer before every last item is out the door. We are packing and shipping as fast as we possibly can!

Please note that if you purchased multiple items that they may not all arrive together on the same day! While we try to ship most items together, things like posters have to ship in separate tubes and some items are odd shapes/sizes/weights that just can’t all fit in the same box. Items could very well arrive several days apart from each other (especially posters which not only have to ship separately but also tend to take longer in the mail) so please don’t panic if you only receive some items but not all of them right away. Again, we’re going as fast as we can and we hope to have every single item from this year’s auction on its way to you by January 10th.

Thank you so much for your patience and for helping us save more dogs this year than ever before!

Most sincerely,
- ArieScope Pictures and Save A Yorkie Rescue


SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE is a non-profit, fully volunteer rescue for abandoned and abused Yorkshire Terriers in need of foster and medical care. Every dollar donated to our annual YORKIETHON event goes directly to the care of dogs who have lost everything - their family, their home, and even their very name. Donations are not used for administrative costs. SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization so all donations are tax deductible!

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