Art Week at Odd Man INN

November 2021
07:00 PM CST
November 2021
11:00 PM CST
GOAL $3,000.00
165.1% REACHED!

About Our Auction

Each year, we set aside a full week to celebrate the generous and talented artists who donate their work to animal sanctuaries. These artists help fund our mission every day of the year!

We are raising MUCH needed funds to rebuild Odd Man Inn's main structure in Jamestown, TN. We are building a space that will allow us to provide the best service possible for the animals. The current structure on the property meets all these needs:

Stores animal feed
️Stores first aid and medications
️Kitchen and service area for meal prep
️Small office and a bathroom
️Houses volunteers from out of town
️Holding area for TNR work with the local stray and feral cats

We need a serious overhaul to ensure we can continue all these very important parts of serving our mission.

Funds raised during Art Week will be earmarked specifically for the rebuilding of the house that does so much work for the animal residents of Odd Man Inn!

About Odd Man Inn Animal Refuge

Odd Man Inn is a 501c3 nonprofit farm animal sanctuary in Jamestown, TN.

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