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ArtsBuild Ontario Online Auction 2017

ArtsBuild Ontario
April 2017
12:00 PM EDT
May 2017
05:05 PM EDT
GOAL $2,500.00
96.2% To Goal

ArtsBuild Ontario Online Auction 2017

Discover arts, culture, food, drink and fun right here in Ontario! ArtsBuild Ontario's second annual online auction features a multitude of incredible organizations and experiences for you and your loved ones to share. In the process of purchasing incredible items and experiences for discounted prices, you'll be supporting ArtsBuild Ontario in our work helping arts and culture organizations across the province to survive and thrive in our communities.

About ArtsBuild Ontario

ArtsBuild Ontario is a province-wide charity and non-profit organization that offers programs, resources, and tools that support arts facilities in Ontario communities.

Arts facilities are the places where arts and culture happen. Yet despite their importance, facilities are the most under-resourced component of arts operations. That is why providing tools and resources to help our arts organizations run sustainable facilities is so important for Ontario’s arts organizations.

Together with industry, nonprofit and government partners, ArtsBuild jointly and cost-effectively develops and delivers innovative tools, services and resources to help over 1,500 arts organizations across Ontario construct and operate the facilities they need.

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