Art in October

October 2018
09:00 PM MDT
October 2018
09:05 PM MDT

About Our Auction

The primary pieces in this auction are being sold in support of Bracelets For Buildings, a charity that builds homes for the poorest of the poor in Cambodia. A fundraising event was recently hosted at the Best Western Plus in Fort McMurray which generated 90% of the amount of an entire house. The feature pieces will help close the gap.

The Robin Williams ORIGINAL can be yours if you are prepared to fund an entire home. Imagine the difference you can make!

GST will be added to the final sale price.

About Birdsong Studio and Healing Centre

Russell Thomas began creating wild colour portraits in Birdsong Studio (Fort McMurray) in 2014. His late career dive into painting has combined his passion for portraiture with his interest in giving back. Live paintings, painting donations and the sale of prints have helped multiple charities. In recent years, families in rural Cambodia moved into new homes, funded by the sale of paintings and prints through a charity called Bracelets For Buildings.

In addition to doing commissions for clients from across Canada and the U.S., Russell enjoys following his creative instincts and producing work that is made available through his Russell Thomas Art Facebook page and his Instagram account (@russellthomasart).

Heather Thomas is co-owner of Birdsong Studio and Healing Centre. She has been exploring abstract art over the past few years and has found a unique "voice" using a broad range of materials and methods. She has become an artist in her own right and works in the studio alongside Russell almost every day.

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