Shine On

November 2019
12:15 PM MST
December 2019
03:00 PM MST

About Our Auction

All money raised through Art for Sancy will benefit the Sancy Shaw Memorial Scholarship. Every piece of art has been 100% donated by the artist. Items without a buy now option will be part of the live auction on Dec. 7. If you would like to make a proxy bid please contact 970 819 8906. Please give generously and together we can make a difference.

About Art for Sancy

On December 24, 2018, Sancy Jo Shaw's life was cut short after an intoxicated driver hit her car head on, killing her instantly and critically injuring her six-year-old daughter Charlee. In her 38 years, Sancy made an impression on so many lives, inspiring those who crossed her path to be the best person they could be. To honor her legacy and impact future generations for years to come, the family started the Sancy Shaw Memorial Scholarship. All money raised will go directly to the fund. We hope you will be part of continuing the mission of a wife, mother and teacher who could never give enough. Please give generously and let her light shine on.

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Live Event Information

Bid in person at the Shine On event, Saturday, December 7 from 5-7 p.m. at the Jace Romick Gallery, 833 Lincoln Avenue. Place an absentee bid by calling 970 819 8906