Pollinator Partnership Canada Art Auction!

SHOW YOUR LOVE! Art by People for the Planet
November 2021
06:00 AM EDT
November 2021
07:00 AM EST
GOAL $4,000.00
107.0% REACHED!

About Our Auction

Thank you for coming to SHOW YOUR LOVE!'s art auction for Pollinator Partnership Canada! The auction will begin on November 6th at 6:00am Eastern Time!

Place a bid by end of day, Nov. 8th (11:59pm EST), and you will receive a personal invitation to a virtual, bring-your-own, wine & cheese event with the artists and Executive Director of Pollinator Partnership Canada!

HOW TO REGISTER: Create an account or login.
1. On the home page, click on Login (top right) and create your account! It's free and easy. Bidding starts on Nov. 6th!

2. Or, just click on one of the artworks as if you were going to place a bid. You will be prompted to create a Login/account (see the top left). See you on Nov. 6th when the bidding starts!

SCROLL DOWN FOR FEATURED ARTWORKS! *There are 10 featured artworks and 13 items in total.

Why make a bid?

1. Because you love pollinators! All proceeds will support Pollinator Partnership Canada's Bee Friendly Farming program, which asks willing farmers to create native habitat for pollinators, giving them a better chance to live healthy lives as they pollinate crops, plants and flowers, make yummy honey, and assist ecosystems that clean air, stabilize soils, and support other wildlife! Your purchase will help farmers pay for enrolment in the program! When you look at your piece, you can think of that and feel good about what you've done!

2. Your purchase will support artists! Purchasing a piece will give you a story to tell about your unique artwork. The more you talk about your piece, the better it will be for the artist, as artists rely partly on word of mouth to promote their art. So fun!

3. When you purchase an artwork, we'll forever list your name on SHOW YOUR LOVE's thank-you page! If you wish, we'll also link your name to your website, so everyone who visits may click on it. If you'd prefer to remain anonymous, that's okay, too!

NOTE: SHOW YOUR LOVE! does not provide charitable tax receipts as we are a social enterprise as opposed to a charity.

NOTE: Shipping fees will be applied, unless it is feasible to deliver or arrange a pick-up of your artwork.

With much gratitude,
SHOW YOUR LOVE! Art by People for the Planet

Sponsored by:
Canadian Honey Council

About SHOW YOUR LOVE! Art by People for the Planet

SHOW YOUR LOVE! situates art and love at the centre of our struggle to protect wildlife and natural habitat.

We are a volunteer-run organization that coordinates art-based fundraisers for select environmental charities. Our Special Art Projects give people a space where they can show their love for animals, ecosystems, and art in support of biodiversity and creativity.

Your purchases support established and emerging artists and reputable environmental charities devoted to safeguarding biodiversity and promoting more sustainable ways of living on our planet.

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