Art for Erin's Medical Bills

April 2021
04:00 PM CDT
May 2021
05:03 PM CDT
GOAL $7,500.00
58.7% To Goal

About Our Auction

Hello! After two trips to the ER and emergency surgery on new years eve, I have been experiencing ongoing complications that require weekly (or more) medical visits and an overwhelming trail of medical bills, costs for supplies, and copays. In addition to the long term effects of the surgery, I am still dealing with lingering wound care issues that have greatly impacted my quality of life and unfortunately there's not a clear end in sight.

The goal is (unfortunately) high, but the hope is that in exchange for hand-made art made with love that some of these costs can be covered.

Please be sure to "view all items" to see everything available! Thank you so much for your bids, purchases, donations, and support! Love, Erin

About Art for Erin's Medical Bills

This has been a massively difficult time for everyone. We know many are not in a place to give. We completely understand that struggle and if you are not in that place!

Instead of doing a plain fundraiser, we felt it might be more fun to do a simple silent auction of the works we have made, plus an option for custom works. Erin has been painting in various forms for over 20 years and Erin and Mickey have recently started a wonderfully fun new project using paint to make abstract works. This was meant to be fun and relaxing, but it quickly turned into something that friends have requested to have in their home.

It would help Erin immensely to be able to raise funds, even to cover a fraction of the costs, and would make our hearts happy to share our art with the world. Please consider bidding on pieces that speak to you and we are forever grateful for anything and everything contributed.

All items are handmade by Erin and/or Mickey in Austin, Texas. The site does not allow for super high-resolution pictures, so if you have any questions or need more pictures, please contact us.

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