FRS & PAEC Outdoor Arena C Footing Upgrade

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December 2019
05:00 AM EST
December 2019
09:30 AM EST
GOAL $40,000.00
14.1% To Goal

About Our Auction

Our overall goal is to raise $40,000 to upgrade the footing in outdoor arena C. Footing is one of the most important parts of an equestrian facility as without quality footing horses can be more prone to injury and may not be able to perform their best. The old expression, "no hoof, no horse" still remains true and we want our horses to be able to feel their best.
We want to give outdoor arena C a facelift so that everyone can enjoy riding and taking lessons throughout the summer and fall months. With new footing, our riding school and show teams will both benefit greatly.

About Pause Awhile Equestrian & Forward Riding School

Forward Riding School teaches basic horseback riding skills to riders of all ages. Forward Riding School is located at Pause Awhile Equestrian Centre (PAEC) in Stouffville, Ontario.
PAEC is a wonderful facility with a reputation for excellent coaching and instruction. Its central location makes it very accessible for clients all over the GTA and York Region.
As the facility continues to grow it has become clear that another outdoor arena is needed. PAEC needs to overhaul and upgrade outdoor arena C. Our goal is to raise $40,000 to replace and significantly improve the footing in outdoor arena C.
This facelift will benefit horses and riders and ensure the continued success of our riding school and show team. Footing is extremely important because the quality of the footing can effect the soundness, longevity and overall performance of your horse.
We want to make sure all our horses are able to perform their best and feel comfortable at all times.

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Live Event Information

Saturday December 14th we will transition this auction to a live event at the PAEC/FRS Christmas Party which begins at 1pm. If you can't attend the auction then text a friend who is there to bid for you. We will have bid sheets there, you can view all the items, pay and claim your items! Plus we have a pony parade, Krista Pollack is giving a clinic, lots of Karen's famous treats and much more holiday fun! See you all then.