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Tennessee Aquarium's Serve and Protect Auction

Tennessee Aquarium
September 2020
10:00 AM EDT
October 2020
05:09 PM EDT
GOAL $50,000.00
72.2% To Goal

Tennessee Aquarium's Serve and Protect Auction

Welcome to the Serve & Protect Auction! Serve & Protect is our largest fundraiser – it’s a vital source of revenue every year. This year’s event is vastly different, and for the first time, we added an auction to supplement the Virtual Ticket Sales and donations we have received so far.
This auction is a labor of love – all items are either created by our talented staff, our animals during their enrichment experiences, our dedicated volunteers, or our generous donors. Despite the difficulties, there has been much to be thankful for this year, and we continue to be heartened and grateful to the many friends who support us through thick and thin.
Please enjoy these unique experiences and beautiful creations gathered here to support our beloved Tennessee Aquarium. Happy bidding!

About Tennessee Aquarium

The mission of the Tennessee Aquarium is to connect people with nature and empower them to make informed decisions about water and wildlife. Within our two buildings, you’ll trace the path of water from the mountains to the sea.

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