Simchas Torah 5779

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September 2018
09:00 AM EDT
September 2018
01:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

Welcome to the online auction for Simchas Torah 5779! This online auction features our most popular items for sale to help benefit the shul.

There are 2 types of items available:

- Final Auction Items (quantity: 1)
Final Auction items will sell to only 1 person, the highest bidder at the time that the auction ends.

- "Buy it Now" Items (quantity: varies)
All "Buy it Now" items are immediate sales at the listed price, for example, $180 sponsorship for a week of learning.

Note that some items will continue into our Live Auction on Simchat Torah night.

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About Congregation Anshei Shalom

Welcome to Anshei Shalom's Simchas Torah online auction!

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Live Event Information

This auction will continue in Anshei Shalom on Simchat Torah night, right after mincha!

Select items will be available to continue bidding:
- All Naming Rights
- Toys and Games for the Youth Groups
- Wine for Shul

PLUS - Ata Hareita, for sale ONLY at the live auction!
Thank you and Chag Sameach!