Let's Help Andre Sparks have MORE LIFE!

Orangetheory Fitness Parker
November 2022
10:00 AM MST
November 2022
10:03 AM MST
GOAL $6,000.00
72.2% To Goal

About Our Auction

Hello! My name is Abigale Sparks with Orangetheory Fitness and the daughter of Andre Sparks. Here is the story behind the Orangetheory Fitness Community coming together to raise money to give my father more life.

With a large family of six children, our family is no stranger to medical adversity. My father was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic at 18 years old - and just over five years ago, at age 16, I received the same news. We would spend the rest of our lives dealing with an incurable disease.

About four years ago, he and our whole family, experienced a life-altering tragedy. Due to this chronic disease, my dad’s right leg was amputated just below the knee. Our world changed forever when we found out that our invincible dad and the provider of our household - in the blink of an eye, would become handicapped for the rest of his life.

It is no secret that exercise is essential to the health of a Diabetic, which is why my father recently joined Orangetheory Fitness. I have worked and worked out at Orangetheory Fitness for about a year now and have noticed a significant change in my own health, as well as the members that I see daily. I knew my dad would be the perfect candidate for OTF. He began his necessary fitness journey to aid in his blood sugar regulation, blood pressure management, overall health and now he has a community of support.

As you can imagine, it is extremely difficult as an amputee to safely perform physical activities and have the same opportunities without the proper equipment. Unfortunately, he has had challenges in the studio because of the wrong prosthetic piece. Athletic Prosthetics are costly, even after insurance.

I knew our solution was to get an Athletic Prosthetic, but the $16,000 price tag after insurance was prohibited. https://fillauer.com/allpro/ It was at that point that I asked our management and ownership team if we could do a fundraiser to help at OTF community member. We set a goal a week later to raise $16,000 for a new Prosthetic Blade - The AllPro XTS - and Suction Sleeves by hosting a Silent Auction and Fundraiser through Orangetheory and surrounding communities!

I am asking humbly as a Daughter, Sister, and Diabetic myself, for help to meet this goal for my Dad. I believe with the collective hands of our surrounding community; we can come together to change the life of not only a Diabetic Amputee but also a Father and a Grandpa.

Thank you for your participation.

Abbie Sparks

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Orangetheory Fitness operates three locations in the Parker region, Parker, Pine Bluffs in Parker, and Arapahoe Crossing.

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