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May 2021
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July 2021
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About Our Auction

This auction was created by a community of British Columbia artists who feel and
know that even the efforts of a small group can make a big difference in this
world!  Our website is artforancienttrees. com Our mission is to raise funds and awareness for the Ancient Forest Alliance.
The Ancient Forest Alliance “is a registered non-profit organization that is working
to protect B.C.’s endangered old-growth forests, and to ensure a sustainable,
value-added, second growth forest industry within our province.”
B.C.’s ancient trees are common heritage for our province, our country and for the
world.  People travel from all over the globe to see our old growth forests, walk in
our river valleys, and mountains –enjoying their beauty, health and spiritual
benefits, and the many species supported by them.  
The original idea for this cause, started with a conversation about the trees, and
what is happening specifically in Fairy Creek on Vancouver Island, and how we
could help. The discussion ended with a bold and exciting statement: “let’s paint
for the trees!”
Soon after a Facebook group called "Ancient Tree 30-day Art Challenge &
Fundraiser" with an online auction at was created by artist Fiona
MacEachern.  Fiona challenged herself and other participating artists to paint daily
for a month, with a percentage of proceeds of bids going directly to the Ancient
Forest Alliance.  The Facebook page grew quickly, and the challenge was soon
extended to sixty days.  However, through more conversation it was decided that a
permanent home was needed for this mission, and so this website has been
created to highlight our cause for the protection of those ancient cathedrals, with a
portion of the proceeds of sales going to the Ancient Forest Alliance.
We believe that this cause is far bigger than ourselves, one that is both heart-
centred and planet-centred. About not living small but making a difference in any
way that we can.

What You Can Do to Help
We are aware that there are ancient trees and forests all over the world that need
protection. The movement known as “War in the Woods” started in Clayoquot

Sound, in “Beautiful British Columbia”, Canada in 1993, which resulted in
successful protection of this area.
We are currently watching the last 3% of our ancient forests being logged in Fairy
Creek (Carmanah Walbran forest) on Vancouver Island. Our conservation and
protection of B.C. forests is limited in many ways.  The legislation for protecting
our old-growth trees is outdated and we can no longer manage our forests the
way we have in the past.  We need to pressure our government for immediate
change since these trees are our natural and cultural icons, and they belong to all
of us. We need to protect our forests not only for our resource needs, but also for
preservation of biodiversity and collective spiritual health. These are our forests,
and the forests of our future generations. 
Currently "the Ancient Forest Alliance is calling for the provincial government to
establish a B.C. Old-Growth Protection Strategy that would ensure
comprehensive, legislated protection for B.C.’ s ancient forests on public/Crown
lands."  Read more about this on the AFA website. 
In the meantime, our precious resource goes under the chainsaw daily.  Action is needed
We want the world to know what is being done here in British Columbia. Read
more about the dwindling of our old-growth forests on the Ancient Forest
Alliance website.  The continued logging of this precious ecosystem affects many
species of plants and animals as they coexist in a symbiotic relationship to sustain

We are a group of local artists in British Columbia; however, we would welcome
contributions from artists from all over Canada, US, and the rest of the world! In
addition, if you know anyone who is  interested in collecting artwork, please direct
them to our site. We are also looking for public and commercial art galleries that
would be willing to share our message on their social media and some of our
selected artwork on their online gallery.  
We are offering a large range of art styles, pricing, and sizes. There will be
something for everyone!  We welcome as many artists as possible to join us in
supporting the AFA.  Please follow us, spread this important message, and

purchase art if you feel you want to support the cause and the artists who are
involved in the project.  If you know of an artist who might be interested in
supporting this cause, please share this site with them.  Or if you are an artist and
would like to be a part of our website please contact us now!

About Art for Ancient Trees, BC

This auction is created by a small group of artists who know that even the efforts of a small group can make a difference in this world!

We are created art every day for 30 days May 1-30th 2021. We continue to paint and create art and have moved onto a website artforancienttrees .com where art can still be purchased. Follow us on IG @artforancienttrees and fb Art for Ancient Trees, BC to see more pictures of the art we are creating !

Our mission is to raise funds for the Ancient Forest Alliance, to preserve our ancient trees and and ancient forests which are habitats for some species of plants, insects and animals that cannot live outside of these ancient habitats.
We are referring to BC forests, but ancient trees and forests need protection all over the world.
Please place your bids and note that shipping is collected separately.
Artist contacts: Kelly:, Fiona:, Hristina:, Dominik:, Robert Bateman: c/o, Jill Campbell

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