Ninth Annual Amy In Bloom Auction

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March 2016
12:00 PM EDT
April 2016
08:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

Our 9th annual Amy In Bloom auction offers bidders a chance to help raise money for the patients of the Seacoast Cancer Center in Dover, NH by bidding on unique trips, tickets and events.

About Amy's Treat

Amy’s Treat is dedicated to providing solutions to the day-to-day difficulties of living with cancer and offers unexpected “treats” to renew the spirit.

Amy’s Treat was created in December 2007 as a legacy foundation in honor and loving memory of Amy Maliszewski to benefit the patients of the Seacoast Cancer Center of New Hampshire. Whether supplying box seats to a Red Sox game, offering a quiet getaway to a lovely inn or presenting a gas card to help take the sting out of getting to treatment, Amy’s Treat has touched the lives of hundreds of individuals living with cancer. This unique collaboration between a cancer center and a community is fueled by the all volunteer staff that make up Amy’s Treat.

The success of Amy’s Treat is only possible through the generosity of so many. By offering up their season tickets, providing dinner at their restaurant, gifting a full range of spa services, volunteering to clean a house, furnishing free eye exams, donating a spot at a French Country Cooking class or slipping a check into an envelope (to name only a few), Amy’s Treat is a neighbor rising up in support of a neighbor.

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Live Event Information

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