The Freedom Auction

June 2021
09:00 AM EDT
July 2021
11:00 AM EDT
GOAL $1,000.00
68.5% To Goal

The Freedom Auction

With the continued anticipation of coming out of lockdown and moving towards a new 'normal' with less COVID restrictions in the future we have some post-lockdown plans, and they include supporting our local community!

Adults in Motion presents The Freedom Auction! We want to encourage our community to shop local and help show support to our local businesses while also supporting the Adults in Motion's programs for people with disabilities. So we've joined forces with with our local businesses and some generous individuals and created this one-stop auction to help achieve this community goal.

If you're reading this and want to participate by donating an item, either as an individual or as a business, it's not too late! Contact us at

The Freedom Auction theme was inspired by the comical 'Extra Gum Commercial' ( where we watched the world celebrate the imagined end of COVID, no more social distancing and the removal of masks. Imaging that brought us some joy and laughter and thus inspired the concept of 'The Freedom Auction'.

*We disclaimer that Adults in Motion strongly supports the current continuation of all COVID safeguards including wearing masks and social distancing. We recognize we have a long way to go before these safeguards can be removed. Any photos, concepts or videos pertaining to this auction we're done ensuring required COVID safeguards were in place and while in safe spaces.

About Adults in Motion

Adults in Motion is a not for profit organization providing supports and services to individuals with disabilities and their families in Ontario. Service options include: day programs, virtual services, respite, one to one support and workshops. In-person and virtual programs are offered Monday through Friday from 8-4pm with additional evening respite. Established in 2009. Adults in Motion is located in Kitchener, Cambridge, Hamilton, and Oakville.

We believe that during this pandemic that people with disabilities need to be supported and connected more than ever. This is why we created new services and programs (such as virtual and one to one supports) so that our support to our community can continue though COVID-19. We continue to adapt and pivot to meet needs and safety for all.

To encourage growth and enhance the quality of life for participants with developmental disABILITIES, through building bonds of friendship, creating meaningful activities, providing opportunities that increase well-being and by fostering purposeful community connections.

To build a strong, safe and supportive environment for adults with developmental disabilities through building community connections, interpersonal relationships and individual competencies.

Meaningful activities.
Develop confidence and independence.
Make new friendships.
Try new things.
Develop work skills.
Community involvement.

Community Excursions – They call us ‘Adults in Motion’ for a reason! You can always find us on the go throughout the community enjoying special events, creating inclusion opportunities or giving back through volunteerism. We put words into ACTION!

Community Inclusion & Meaningful Activities – Everyone deserves to find meaning and purpose to their day and that happens at Adults in Motion. Our activities promote community inclusion, a sense of accomplishment and being a contributing member in our community – which includes volunteerism. We all have gifts to give, we help participants find their strengths and give back to their community.

Friendships – Participants join our programs and discover new friendships and social networks that minimize the risk of isolation and develop new life skills. With a diverse group of participants and interests, there’s the variety needed to find the friendships our participants are looking for.

Skill Building – the best thing about having fun is that we’re really building new skills and finding new strengths within ourselves in the activities we do. Skill building is an ongoing learning process where we believe the sky's the limit, so we ensure that participants are always enhancing their life skills, social skill, interpersonal skills, virtual skills and independence.

Inclusive Atmosphere – All participant's personal interest and ABILITIES matter to us. All our programs and special activities are designed around our participants and their passions – no matter how big or small. There’s no square pegs fitting into round holes around here.

Exceptional Staff – Our staff make the difference and represent the heart of the Adults in Motion experience. Our staff team share decades of combined experience working with vulnerable individuals and each are experts in compassion and acceptance. Their passion for enhancing the lives of our participants and their big hearts make them exceptional human beings.

IN Motion –Adults In Motion believes in programming that promotes a healthy lifestyle, recognizing the importance of daily physical activity as well as healthy bodies and healthy minds, virtually & in person.

The AIM Culture – People say this is what truly makes us different. A program built on the foundation of love, compassion, laughter, family and common sense. We provide service and care on a 'participant first' priority, ensuring that we are delivering smart, creative, community focused, and safe that our participants, staff, community and stake holders are proud of.

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