The We Are Art Exhibition

November 2021
12:15 AM CAT
November 2021
09:00 PM CAT
GOAL $2,022.00
25.0% To Goal

The We Are Art Exhibition

Over the last five years of building Zimbowties we’ve come to realize that we’re doing far more than selling bow ties, we’re doing far more than selling art, and we’re even doing more than teaching youngsters creative skills.

We’re helping to grow a special community. A community of unique individuals with incredible stories. A community that cares about lifting each other up. A community that looks after the world we live in. And the expression of everyone in that community, in whatever form, is art.

We'd love to have you be a part of this community when you buy some of our bow tie art, or even just by joining in the conversation about inspiring the next generation and sharing our story.

We're fundraising for our Create Zimbabwe Workshops that we run in Zimbabwe to inspire the next generation of creatives.

All the artwork has been kindly donated by the artists to support our fundraising efforts.

We've collaborated with 7 Zimbabwean artists, Mandlenkosi Mavengere, Lin Barrie, Petros Mwenga, Tapiwa Guzha, Wilfred Zuze, Ann Guild, and Bernardo to create the unique, wearable bow-tie-art masterpieces that are on silent auction here.

Last year we had 3 Zimbabwean artists create some wonderful pieces of wearable art for our Level Up Exhibition and our auction for that raised over USD600 for our charity work. This year, with your help, we think we can raise more than triple that amount!


Feel good when you buy it, look great when you wear it!

About Zimbowties

Zimbowties is creating and selling wearable art to help inspire the next generation of creatives in Zimbabwe.

All Zimbowties' eye-catching products are handmade from upcycled materials in Zimbabwe and sold in stores around the world. Their sales pay for Creativity Workshops for talented youngsters who they hope to inspire to grow their creative skills and become the countries next artists, designers, innovators, and changemakers.

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