2022 Waypoint FAMJAM Auction

May 2022
01:00 PM EDT
June 2022
05:00 PM EDT
GOAL $2,000.00
76.2% To Goal

About Our Auction

Waypoint has such exciting news! We have converted our Lebanon office into a Family Resource Center designed to provide a multitude of services to all families in the Upper Valley! AND, we are re-inventing our annual fundraiser this year to be an in-person event! To support our Family Resource Center, on June 25 we will be hosting our first ever Waypoint Summer FamJam. It will be a family-friendly picnic and concert/dancing by the fabulous Sensible Shoes at Storr's Pond. This event will be free of charge, so sponsorships from our local partners are more crucial than ever! Why free of charge you might ask? Because we believe it is the best way to get the word out to families about the remarkable new services we are offering them! Attracting them to our event will give us a perfect opportunity to spread the word.
Happy bidding! Remember, your happy bid/purchase makes a difference to a child or family... Thank you to you and our local businesses!

About Waypoint

Waypoint empowers people of all ages through an array of human services and advocacy—we are a lifeline across the lifespan. Waypoint provides social services to all families, specializing in those who are most vulnerable in the Upper Valley. In our line of work, we’re not only on the front lines, but we’re often the last line of defense. We rise to the challenge through innovation and perseverance, and in partnership with people like you. You are part of our social safety net, and your participation will help to ensure that we are always able to be there when we are most needed.
The proceeds from this auction will help us to:
* Grow our Family Resource Center to help all families who want to be the best they can be
* Serve as a lifeline and line of defense for kids at risk of abuse or neglect
*Provide trauma treatment for those who’ve endured adverse childhood experiences
*Work to preserve families who are in distress and on the brink
*Optimize chances for children with chronic health conditions
*Empower struggling families with what they need to become functioning, self-sustaining, and successful
*Build a foster care support system for kids who need out of home placement
*Advocate at the legislative level to protect the rights and well-being of all children in NH.

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