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Celebrate Family 2022!

Waterloo Region Family Network
November 2022
09:00 AM AST
November 2022
07:00 PM AST

Celebrate Family 2022!

This year, the funds raised from the auction will support our Family Resource Program. Our Family Resource Coach, Erin, provides opportunities to connect with newer parents, listen to their concerns, and provide guidance and referrals, if necessary.
Are you looking to participate in this year’s Celebrate Family Auction, but would prefer to send a direct donation? You can donate directly to Waterloo Region Family Network through Canada Helps. We deeply appreciate your support of exceptional families in Waterloo Region!


About Waterloo Region Family Network

In 2009 WRFN was created to be a peer-developed and peer-driven network. That provides us a unique opportunity to help exceptional families and individuals thrive. Through education and meaningful connections, we offer support in making informed decisions for now and through all life stages.

WRFN fills a gap in Waterloo Region, by facilitating peer connections and sharing community resources. Through our innovative community partnership model and strong network, we support individuals both with and without a diagnosis, creating life-long impact

WRFN is here for families when life takes an unexpected turn.

Learning your child has a disability is a challenging time for parents. You can easily be overwhelmed by how your life and your family’s life will change forever. You’ve landed in a dark and unfamiliar place. The hopes and dreams you wanted for your child have been stolen. You must learn to understand your new reality and navigate multiple complex systems of support – medical, developmental and education systems – and you don’t know where to start. As a peer-developed and peer-driven network, WRFN is uniquely able to understand how to serve the needs of exceptional families so they can thrive.

“THANK YOU for all that you do. You have made a difference in our lives!” ~WRFN Parent

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