Willow Oak Montessori PTA Fundraising Auction

December 2017
08:30 AM EST
December 2017
10:16 PM EST
GOAL $9,000.00
114.3% REACHED!

About Our Auction

We have reached our initial goal of $7,500 with four days to spare! WOW! Let's see if we can get to a stretch goal of $9,000!!

Welcome to the Willow Oak Montessori Charter PTA Winter Auction! All of the funds raised through this auction will be used to provide educational and learning opportunities for our teachers and staff. This year's fundraising will support teacher and staff attendance at the American Montessori Society conference in March, and any extra funds will be used to allow interested teachers and staff to attend a Racial Equity Institute workshop locally. Thank you for participating and happy shopping!

Please note:

-- Proxy Bids can be used when you're willing to bid higher than the minimum on an item but don't want to have to keep coming back to bid again if someone outbids you. You indicate the highest price you'd be willing to pay, and the website automatically bids up for you to your pre-selected maximum!

-- A few items have a Buy It Now option if you want to make sure no one else snaps up something you really want!

-- The auction will extend beyond the official end time for up to 30 additional minutes for any item with last-minute active bidding.

If you have any questions about how the auction works or the website, please feel free to contact Susannah Hunter at susannahclair@gmail.com

About Willow Oak Montessori Charter School

Willow Oak Montessori Charter School is a public charter school in Chatham County, North Carolina. The school strives to assist children in achieving their unique potential as responsible global citizens by nurturing self-confidence and independent decision making in a stimulating, creative, and diverse Montessori community. Willow Oak serves children in 1st-8th grades throughout central North Carolina.

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