June 2021
02:00 PM CDT
June 2021
01:00 AM CDT

About Our Auction

Experience the Garner Lake fireworks show like never before! Enjoy VIP Seating on the causeway (up to 4 chairs) for the 2nd LARGEST Firework Display in Shelby County!
Also Included:
• Lighting of the first firework to kick off the show
• A private behind the scene tour where you will learn about the art & science of a firework display
• 2021 Garner Lake Boat Flag

About Garner Lake Fireworks

In the days of Lakeland Amusement Park, fireworks were a regular attraction. Mr. Garner developed lots for sale on the western shores of the lake for summer/weekend retreats for Memphians in the early '70s to help pay for park operations. It was still his custom to attract people to the park with concerts and special events, accompanied by fireworks. As more people moved to the lake to make their retreat houses a permanent home, our community took root. Mr. Garner sought the help of state government to incorporate and in 1977 the city of Lakeland was born. As the community grew, residents became more involved and local clubs were formed. Among them, the Lakeland Civic Club and the Lakeland Ladies Club spawned the desire to later form the Lakeland Lions Club. After the Civic Club dissolved, it was the Lions Club that renewed fireworks on the lake. In the beginning of the 21st century, the decision was made by the leadership of the Lions Club to channel money away from the civic event to provide better services to those in need and those with sight problems. At that time, a member and Lakeland resident Karen Woodward, sacrificed her time and talents to provide the fireworks through donations from the residents around the lake. The baton was passed to Stephanie Lefler in 2013 who worked hard over the next 5 years to make the show bigger and better. Mica Partain was then selected as her predecessor in 2018, and so the traditon lives on.

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