22'-23' VIP Car Rider Pass

August 2022
03:00 AM CDT
August 2022
At Midnight CDT
GOAL $2,100.00
183.8% REACHED!

About Our Auction

This pass allows you to skip the line and pull up to the front of the Front car rider line to pick up your student(s)*. There are only 6 passes to bid on; the highest bidders win! The pass is only valid for the 2022-2023 school year. Once the winners are notified, we will let you know when you can obtain your new placards from the front desk. Target pick up date will be the week of September 5, 2022. New dismissal information will be provided for students of the VIP Passes.

If you would like for your donation to be 100% monetary donation to the PTO, please consider writing a check instead of using credit card or PayPal; we can arrange pickup of your payment. Thank you for all your support!!

*Please note, if another student(s) from an additional family is carpooling with a VIP, a $100 additional donation will be required for each additional family.


The PTO works throughout the school year to provide support for the teachers, administrators, and students of Glenn York Elementary (GYE). In addition to hosting multiple events for GYE students and families throughout the year. The PTO is also raising money to make upgrades and additions to the school to include: improving the playground surface design play areas, building an additional playground & canopy, purchasing an ice machine for staff & teachers, and replacing a few of the older cafeteria tables. These addition and upgrades will be utilized for years to come by all GYE students, teachers, and staff.

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