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October 2019
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November 2019
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Dear Friend,

The High School Sailing Program at the US Sailing Center - Martin County (USSCMC) is growing bigger and better every year, thanks to dedicated athletes, supportive families, committed coaches, and a strong supportive base.

Not only does competitive sailing build confidence and skills on the water, but racing on high school teams provides students a competitive edge in high school, college, and beyond. Typically, graduating high school seniors continue to sail during their college careers and have enjoyed success at top tier colleges and Ivy League schools. After college, numerous alumni sailors have found careers as sailors, coaches, and business leaders in the marine industry. Other alumni are top in their field as lawyers, engineers, doctors, and even leaders in government.

The USSCMC’s top-notch High School Sailing Program is invaluable to our students and provides a benefit to our local community. Thanks to the program, the student athletes often serve as instructors to our younger sailors and mentor those first time sailors in sailing camp and through organized lessons. The torch always seems to get passed, with one generation looking out for the next.

Sailing is an expensive sport; however, your financial support will help alleviate the financial burden for some of our most deserving students. Donations fund scholarships, underwrite the cost of boats and equipment, while further reducing participation fees.
As a way of keeping program and racing fees affordable, we are asking our student sailors to secure donations to help us reach our collective goal of ensuring no one is turned away due to financial hardship. Through your financial support or in-kind donation, together with our community of supporters, we can keep our sails hoisted.

Thank you for your consideration and we hope we can count on your generous support to keep our young competitors successful. By partnering with us, we’re confident you’ll be pleased knowing your investment will reap many rewards for all involved.

Sailing Coaches’ & Parents’ Booster
Alan Jenkinson, USSCMC Executive Director

About United States Sailing Center Martin County


Closer to home on our treasured coasts, a handful of dedicated sailors committed to the development of a community sailing center in Martin County and was granted a charter from US SAILING. Bolstered with the endorsement of US SAILING, the United States Sailing Center – Martin County, opened for business in 1992 on the shores of the old Jensen Beach Causeway with a tent, camper and a few donated boats.

The facility became designated by the United States Sailing Association as a US Sailing Center. This honor recognizes that USSCMC exceeds all the required standards set forth by U.S. Sailing and maintains an impressive commitment to high quality public access to sailing through our educational resources and trained staff.

The member based Sailing Center moved in 2002 to a two-story waterside facility with unparalleled views of the water on Indian River Drive. Over the last 25 years, the fleet of OPTIs, O’Pen Bics, Lasers, Flying Scots, Hartleys, 420’s, Hobie Catamarans, Kayaks, Windsurfers and Paddleboards have expanded exponentially, and the USSCMC hosts large-scale elite events like Junior Olympics on an annual basis.

The USSCMC is constantly striving to create affordable programs and build partnerships to ensure sailing is, and will continue to be, accessible to all. The USSCMC offers learn to sail programs, educational instruction with certifications, summer camps, support for middle and high school sailing programs, community support, racing programs, and competitions.

USSCMC could not achieve its mission without the ongoing support its members and dedicated volunteers and US SAILING. Our members have a shared passion for this lifelong sport, and for sharing their passion with others. Part of US Sailing’s vision is to make sailing accessible for all with the certainty that everyone has a chance to learn or compete in a safe, fun, high-quality environment.

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