Stay Warm in Two's Jackets and Help Your FoodBank!

December 2017
01:30 PM EST
December 2017
02:14 PM EST

About Our Auction

With the holiday season fast approaching, the news is being peppered with calls to action from local foodbanks.

Do you have a family member who loves Dark Matter? Do you know a cosplayer who would love a beautifully crafted costume jacket from the future?
Maybe you yourself have a funky style and just want a cool new jacket to sport while you're out and about!

Up for your consideration are jackets from the closet of Dark Matter's "Two".
The de-facto leader of the raza crew and bad ass lady who loves her fair share of leather jackets!

Treat a loved one or yourself to a one of a kind piece!

About Stay Warm in Two's Jackets and Help Your FoodBank!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Melissa and I played TWO on Dark Matter.

When the cancellation of the show announced earlier this year, I was invited to duck into the wardrobe department and sneak out some of Two's wardrobe. I snuck out quite a bit but these three jackets were meant for you - the fans!

I knew these pieces needed to end up in the hands of those who would love them and I knew that the transition should involve giving back in some way. But, to be honest - I was stumped!

To make a long story short, this morning when I got up and started checking out the local news, there were many articles talking about the needs of local food banks, especially as we approach the holiday season.

I grew up in a lower income household. I remember my mom coming home with bags and bags of groceries that we definitely didn't have money for...

All that to say, what little you can give, when we all contribute, really does add up and can make all the difference during the holidays for a family in need.

At the top right hand side of the main page there is a bright green donate button. So, even if these jackets don't appeal to you, please consider donating what you can, if you can. No amount is too small.

The winner of each jacket will have half of their donation sent to a food bank in their hometown. And all remaining proceeds will go to stocking up on non-perishable goods which will be donated to a local food bank here in Toronto. All receipts will be posted for everyone to see and high-five over. :)

Please spread the word if you've got a moment!

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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