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Lifeplus Foundation

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October 2019
03:00 PM BST
November 2019
07:30 PM GMT
GOAL €40,000.00
45.2% To Goal

Lifeplus Foundation

Lifeplus Foundation is committed to helping impoverished communities gain access to safe water, food, and education and the human dignity that comes with these basic needs. Through grassroots efforts and donations of all amounts, today 56,000 men, women, and children in south eastern Kenya have safe, ongoing water for the first time in their lives.

Our goal, from the proceeds of The Gathering, is to bring that number to 60,000 by providing water for another large community in rural Kenya. With water both near home and at school, health and hope can be restored for approximately 4000 more people. We will need to raise 40,000 euros to achieve this goal and so we are looking to our business family to help.

We would like your help to raise these much needed funds by holding an auction and all winning bids will support with these life changing initiatives.

The auction is open to everyone from Friday 18 October 2019 and will close at The Gathering, Lifeplus Foundation fundraising event Friday 22 November 2019.

For more information about Lifeplus Foundation and projects we support or if you would like to make a donation, please visit lifeplusfoundation.org.

Our Sponsors/Unsere Spender:

Gabi Steiner - 15* Diamond
Kerstin & Christian Klose - 11* Diamond
Lissy & Werner Schütt-Nothdurft - 7* Diamond
Elfi Reusser - 6* Diamond
Isolde Baumann - 6* Diamond
Steffen Haschke & Jessica Bossert-Haschke - 5* Diamond
Alex & Jürgen Dresel - 4* Diamond
Andrea Thums - 4* Diamond
Elke Fochler - 4* Diamond
Gitta & Uwe Halstenbach - 4* Diamond
Mathias & Nil Müller - 4* Diamond
Petra Mayer - 4* Diamond
Toni Klein - 4* Diamond
Ulrike Martin - 4* Diamond
Andy Steiner - 3* Diamond
Joachim & Michaela Andert - 3* Diamond
Maren & Achim Frommeyer - 3* Diamond
Rolf Dany - 3* Diamond
Sigrid Karp - 3* Diamond
Sofia Schukria Fedrigott - 3* Diamond
Tim Steiner - 3* Diamond
Antony Fedrigotti - 2* Diamond
Eberhard & Brigitte Schütt - 2* Diamond
Elke & Wolfgang Hamann - 2* Diamond
Gerhard Unger - 2* Diamond
Irene Eisner-Klein - 2* Diamond
Gerald & Ilona Beitel - 1* Diamond
Morris Stahl - 1* Diamond
Regina Maltzahn & Bahram Ekhtebar - 1* Diamond
Tatjana Fornoff - 1* Diamond
Conny Haufe - Diamond
Dagmar Härle - Diamond
Frank Oberle - Diamond
Nina Egermann - Diamond
Roland Fuchsbrugger - Diamond
Ulrike Rabenecker - Diamond
Christina Morgenstern-Wagner - Bronze
Katharina Latoska – Bronze
Simone Wiechern - Believer
Robert Christian - Lifeplus CEO
Rick Cesearski - Lifeplus CAO

About Terms and Conditions

1.Lifeplus Europe and the Lifeplus Foundation are not liable in any case of loss or damage caused during or in connection to the auction prizes and experiences to either the seller or bidder.
2.If for any reason the Seller/Buyer cannot fulfil the 'contractual obligations' of the Auction process, they must inform the Seller/Buyer immediately. Any rearrangements must be agreed directly. Lifeplus and the Lifeplus foundation are not liable.
3.The Seller and Buyer hereby grant permission for their contact details to be shared in order to fulfil the Auction obligations and receipt of the prize.
4.We reserve the right to modify or terminate 32auctions for any reason, without notice at any time.
5.By participating in this auction, both Sellers and Bidders agree to the third party auction platform ’32 Auctions’ terms of use https://www.32auctions.com/pages/terms.html and privacy policy https://www.32auctions.com/pages/privacy.html

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