The Cup Show: An Exploration of Individuality

November 2019
08:45 AM EST
November 2019
04:30 PM EST

The Cup Show: An Exploration of Individuality

The Cup Show is composed of 87 individual vignettes, in conjunction with an artist statement or a photograph of the creator in a moment of creation. Vignettes have been created by potters from The Little Clay Studio (TLC Studio) along with Clients, Staff, Agency Board Members and longtime supporters of ReFocus, Inc. Each author chose to express personal characteristics, experiences of knowledge, moments of challenges, fear, loss and success.

Individuals were given slip cast cups with the prompts to:

1) paint or draw a photo of what ReFocus means to you, or
2) decorate the cup in a way that represents you, or
3) experiment with the material and techniques.

These directions were personalized and based on the capability of each artist. Through the use of slip cast cups, the opportunity of artistic expression was offered to a wider population of creators. This also provided an opportunity, for those unfamiliar with ceramics, to explore the medium and process. Through the presentation of Artist Statements, we provided the artists the opportunity to express moments that were central to them. Their Artist Statements were transcribed in the exact words of each artist.

About The Little Clay Studio

The Little Clay Studio provides an inspirational classroom structure where fledgling artists can use their creativity to explore the potentials of clay while developing self-confidence.

Our curriculum provides the foundation of a ceramics education, in conjunction with developing pre-vocational skills, relevant to gainful employment. Classes are structured to include personal decision-making, independent designs, and constructive feedback. Artists produce a line of artisanal tableware and home goods that are sold to restaurants and at art shows throughout the country.

The Little Clay Studio offers opportunities for growth in a loving, trusting, and challenging environment that values and encourages the enhancement of the whole person, each with unique talents and strengths. Through the utilization of clay, we foster the use of individuals' imaginations, independence, talents and gifts.

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