June 2019
12:00 PM EDT
June 2019
12:03 PM EDT
GOAL $10,000.00
103.6% REACHED!

About Our Auction

Our Take Your Dog To Work Day Auction is to benefit the Animal Placement Bureau and the Live Like Roo Foundation.

LLR supports dogs and their owners through a cancer diagnosis by providing financial and emotional assistance.

Here is what they do:

Financial Assistance
Live Like Roo provides dogs and their families with financial assistance after review of their application. Our goal is to help as many dogs as we can. We will also pay for biopsies and any kind of cancer-preventative when warranted.

Care Packages
Our Roo Cancer Care Packages include some of Roo’s favorite items-including a blanket (which has become a favorite of the packages), a gift card for ice cream and McNuggets and burgers, toys, treats, collars and much more. We have found that people and dogs that receive these packages absolutely love them and they lift the spirits of the dog and of the human. Though they are labor-intensive, we know they are the most important thing that we do because of the emotion behind each and every one. We love to see the dogs living like Roo.
"The APB is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, more specifically to help with the rescuing, fostering and finding homes for companion dogs.

About Animal Placement Bureau
The Animal Placement Bureau is a volunteer foster care network with no paid staff and no sheltering facility. All of the dogs in our care live with our volunteers and become as much a part of their family as their own dogs.

APB is recognized federally as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization whose primary goal is to place homeless dogs into loving, lifelong homes.

APB is funded solely by private donations and fundraisers and does not receive any state, local, or federal funding. Our major expenses are the result of the extensive medical care we provide for each dog in our care including wormings, vaccinations, and spay/neuter surgeries.

APB IS A NO-KILL ANIMAL WELFARE AGENCY. There is no time limit on our foster care system. When asked, "What happens if your dogs don't get adopted?" we are proud to be able to say, "They come back home with us until we find just the right home for them -- NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES."

About Chloe's TYDTWDAY for APB

This year's Dog Day will be for APB - Animal Placement Bureau, where my Chloe, was was my first foster pup for and my first foster fail. I am still a foster mom for APB and this is our biggest fundraiser. In these pandemic times we have not had an opportunity for many fundraisers so we are going to hold this event again this year.

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