Team Trans Okanagan 2021 Fundraiser

September 2021
12:00 PM PDT
October 2021
06:09 PM PDT
GOAL $10,000.00
100.0% REACHED!

Team Trans Okanagan 2021 Fundraiser

I have created the Team Trans Okanagan Ice Hockey 2021 Online silent auction in this crazy pandemic era to be able to continue to have a place to raise funds for several programs that support LGTBQ2+ identifying youths.

As an incentive, there will be WEEKLY RANDOM DRAW PRIZES for anyone bidding on items. You need not be the current highest bidder, just activity within the week.

In addition there is a DONATE button, that anyone can use to donate to the causes without being the winning bid on any item. Donation can be done at anytime, not just when the auction is on.

The Team Trans Okanagan 2021 Online Silent auction will support the following programs:

Etcetera Youth Kelowna, Kelowna BC serving the Youth of the Central Okanagan
Etcetera is a weekly, facilitated program where 11–18-year-old youth, who are 2SLGBTQIA+, questioning, or allies can meet and make lasting friendships with supportive peers. The name “Etcetera” reflects the diversity of the youth who participate in the program, including those whose identities are more varied and expansive than what could ever be described in an acronym.
ETCETERA YOUTH MISSION: To bring 2SLGBTQIA+ youth together in a dynamic, supportive space where they can: explore their identities, make friendships, build their sense of self-worth, access resources to improve their health, and access the tools to empower themselves and others.
ETCETERA YOUTH VISION: A collective of proud, diverse youth who support one another on their journeys, and a city where 2SLGBTQIA+ youth are valued as integral to the fabric of our community tapestry.

RADAR Youth Penticton, Penticton, BC serving the Youth of the South Okanagan
Radar is a safe, positive and social space to celebrate youth of all identities ages 12-18 in Penticton. Drop in and be yourself at our weekly meetings filled with food, conversations, guest speakers, out trip activities and more!

Email for meeting details.
In partnership with:
South Okanagan Similkameen Pride -
Foundry Penticton

Friends of Dorothy Langley Youth Hub Langley, BC
An inclusive and safe space for LGBTQIA2SP+ youth ages 12-24 to connect. We are located in Langley, BC and host in-person meet ups and events for Friends of Dorothy.
This group allows members to stay connected to a vibrant and welcoming community both in-person and online.

Gen-Out Youth Maple Ridge

Gen-Out (“Generation-Out”) is a free, confidential and voluntary group for LGBTQ2S+ youth residing in Maple Ridge and the surrounding area. The program has been running successfully for over seven years and is the only group that is open to all LGBTQ2S+ youth (and allies) in the city.
Participants meet every week for engaging activities, discussions, and workshops that are tailored to their interests and needs. The group provides a safe, supportive, and fun space where youth can be themselves and explore their gender, sexuality, and identity, all while fostering a sense of belonging.

Summerland Secondary School Bursary “Team Trans Ice Hockey”
sponsored by Darrien McWatters
Darrien was a graduate of SSS in 1992 and her two sons attended and graduated in 2019 and 2021. Darrien is a transgender woman who came out to the world in 2018. She is a dedicated hockey coach, official and player.

Recipient of this $500 award will be a graduating student of SSS who self identifies as part of the LGTBQ2 community or a student that is a strong ally, and advocates on behalf of other students and/or the broader community in the LGTBQ2 community. The student should be in good standing in school, including good attendance and show good citizenship and caring of peers.

Thank you very much for your support!

Darrien "Dee" McWatters

About Team Trans Ice Hockey Okanagan

Darrien McWatters is part of a hockey organization called Team Trans Ice Hockey. As a transgender female and hockey player, she will be playing in the Madison Friendship series in November 2021 in Madison, Wisconsin.

Darrien is founding a chapter of Team Trans in British Columbia and hopes to bring a tournament to British Columbia. Darrien has begun to develop Team Trans Okanagan and this will be the second annual fundraiser. Proceeds will support LGTBQ2+ youth programs throughout the Okanagan and Fraser Valleys as well as support the bursary awarded to a graduating Summerland Secondary Student each year who identifies as part of the LGTBQ2+ or is a strong ally.

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