The Great TEAK Bake-Off Auction

June 2020
03:15 PM EDT
July 2020
11:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

On Wednesday, June 24th, The TEAK Fellowship’s Next Generation Board will host The Great TEAK Bake-Off. Funds raised from this event will benefit summer internship stipends for our college students. Due to the current crisis, our students face the potential loss of summer internship and work-study jobs which have historically provided our Fellows with invaluable experience as well as career preparation but also considerable income used when they return to boarding schools and colleges.
More Items will be added soon!

About The TEAK Fellowship

The TEAK Fellowship believes that motivation and potential, not economic circumstances, should determine a student’s future. TEAK unlocks access to outstanding education and transformative experiences for exceptional NYC students, who use these opportunities to change their lives and the world around them.

TEAK is a free program that helps talented students from low-income families achieve their potential. Through intensive after school and summer classes, TEAK prepares middle school students to get into the nation’s most selective high schools and colleges. TEAK’s strong support system ensures that students thrive in their independent (day and boarding) high schools and graduate from college, ready to pursue their professional goals and positively impact the world.

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