Time, Talent and Treasure Auction

Newnssquare s550
November 2018
06:00 AM EDT
November 2018
11:50 PM EST
GOAL $5,500.00
85.4% To Goal

About Our Auction

Welcome to the Annual Time, Talent and Treasure Auction for St. Mark's Nursery School and Kindergarten. This is an unique silent auction where the St. Mark's community donates their time, their talents or their treasures to be auctioned off. We feel like we have a very talented and creative group! The money raised in this auction will benefit the scholarship fund . This auction is open to the public.

About St. Mark’s Nursery School and Kindergarten

Our classrooms, play yards and community spaces are designed to be learning environments where children and their families feel free to be themselves, to make choices, to try new ideas and to delight in their discoveries and abilities. We celebrate the diversity of our community, and welcome families of all backgrounds, faiths and cultures.

We believe that children learn best through play and meaningful relationships with peers and loving adults. Our environment allows children to experience and develop a deep love of learning. The tools for healthy social interactions are modeled, taught and applied. We foster a sense of wonder with opportunities for discovery and experimentation. We value and accept each child’s developmental stage and unique style. We provide a supportive network for families to build a bridge between home and school.

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