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Spring Farm Sanctuary's Summer Silent Auction

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July 2019
08:00 AM CDT
July 2019
05:00 PM CDT

Spring Farm Sanctuary's Summer Silent Auction

The purpose of our silent auction is to raise funds for the care of our sheep named Manny. He lives at the sanctuary with his sister named Michelle. This year we have had four animals that have needed pretty constant medical attention. Our most recent patient is Manny .. He is now three years old and has arthritis in his knees. One knee is especially painful. He has trouble at times putting weight on it. It is hard to watch him. We have tried pain medications, supplements, antibiotics (arthritis in sheep sometimes starts from an infection) and now we need to get him an Xray and cortisone injections. You can make the difference in keeping Manny pain free. He needs YOU! Thank you!

About Spring Farm Sanctuary

We are a small, farm animal sanctuary that is home to 21 animals. Our animal residents have come from a variety of abuse/neglect situations. Our humane education tours offer people an insight into the lives of animals living in agricultural farms. We talk about our beautiful animals and their incredible, individual stories. This is our third summer that we have been open to the public. We need money specifically right now for cortisone injections and joint supplements for Manny our sheep. His knees are terribly swollen and painful. He has arthritis that is progressing quickly. Please bid on something that will bring you joy and that will bring Manny all the possible treatments he deserves. Thank you, Robin

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