Snow Cones for Snow Leopards

July 2021
06:30 PM CDT
July 2021
09:00 PM CDT

About Our Auction

Snow Cones for Snow Leopards is a fundraising conservation event occurring at the Memphis Zoo on Saturday, July 31st from 6:30P.M. - 9:30P.M.

*Items will be available for pickup at the Memphis Zoo, and will not be shipped. Bidders can pick up items either at the event or the Memphis Zoo. All payment will occur at the the time of pickup. Acceptable payment methods include cash and card.

There are an estimated 4000-7000 snow leopards left in the world. This event is hosted by Memphis AAZK and will raise money for the Snow Leopard Conservancy. During Snow Cones for Snow Leopards, Vice President of Snow Leopard Conservancy Ashleigh Lutz-Nelson will give a special presentation on the conservancy and how we can help these big cats. The Snow Leopard Conservancy works to ensure Snow Leopard survival and helps conserve mountain landscapes by expanding environmental awareness and sharing innovative practices through community stewardship and partnerships. Supporting organizations like Snow Leopard Conservancy helps them work with local partners and herder communities, the front line in preserving the biodiversity of Central Asia’s high mountains, to provide technical and financial assistance for activities linked to stewardship and biodiversity conservation.

About Memphis AAZK

AAZK is a nonprofit volunteer organization made up of pro zoo keepers and other interested persons dedicated to professional animal care and conservation.

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