Master Officer Joseph Shinners Fundraiser

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January 2020
07:00 AM MST
January 2020
10:00 PM MST

About Our Auction

This auction is being used to raise funds to send Master Officer Joseph Shinners family and co-workers to Washington D.C. for police week 2020 where Master Officer Shinners name will be added to the National Law Enforcement Memorial as he gave the ultimate sacrifice.

About Provo Police Department

On January 5, 2019 Master Officer Joseph Shinners was killed in the line of duty attempting to apprehend a wanted criminal, and save the life of a fellow officer.

“A wanted criminal was cornered in his truck with a female passenger at a location in Orem. The criminal attempted to flee when an Orem Officer jumped onto the female passenger seated in the front seat and began to fight the driver. The criminal drove for a short distance with the Orem officers inside the truck and then stopped the vehicle. Officer Shinners had given chase on foot and as soon as the suspect vehicle stopped, Officer Shinners without hesitation jumped into the truck to assist an officer who was in a fight for his life and to protect the female passenger. During the fight the criminal retrieved a gun and shot Officer Shinners in the torso. Officer Shinners returned fire injuring the criminal and allowing other officers to take this criminal into custody.”

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