"Growing in SC: The Future of STEAM is Here"

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School
May 2021
12:00 PM EDT
May 2021
11:45 PM EDT

About Our Auction

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School celebrates the STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts and Math) initiative and service to their community by creating and selling handmade pottery. All funds raised by this auction will go directly to the Catholic Charities of South Carolina. Students in Art and Chemistry classes have worked together, all year on this project. They were responsible for making the pottery and the glazes through a period of testing by trial and error. Art students made test tiles which were bisque fired (the first of 2 firings required of pottery). Once the tiles are bisque, they can be glazed. The tiles created were fired and a series of glazes for each color were painted on test tiles then fired again. There can also be variations in the colors due to the firing process by manipulation of the kiln temperature. Students then documented variations in the glaze recipes to determine which combination of chemicals create the best set of colors at a specific temperature. We send our gratitude out to S²TEM Centers SC for the grant which made this project possible.

About St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment in which our students will be educated both in character and in conscience, to be steadfast in their faith, dedicated to social responsibility, and committed to developing all their God-given talents. Our academic work is rigorous and college preparatory and follows the guidelines established by the Catholic Diocese of Charleston and the South Carolina Department of Education. Our religious emphasis is on our students’ Christian faith development, so that they may live Christ’s command to love one another, and become responsible members of both church and society.

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