Christmas for the Galgos 2014

November 2014
08:00 AM EST
December 2014
11:00 PM EST
GOAL $5,000.00
37.6% To Goal

About Our Auction

While this time of year is a joyous one for humans, it's less happy for the thousands of galgos who are abandoned or destroyed during the Spanish hunting season. The season goes into full swing around mid-December and this is the time when Scooby paddocks and kennels start filling up. Join with us to raise money to help Scooby rescue, provide the necessary medical care, and feed the animals this season. By participating in our auction, you will bring some new-found happiness to the dogs and get them off on a great start toward rehabilitation for their future loving forever homes!

About Scooby North America

Scooby North America is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit. We were organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes to be the voice between the Scooby Animal Refuge in Medina del Campo, Spain and the people of North America.

Our objectives are:

* To promote the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of the Spanish Galgo and other mixed breeds.
* To be the source of information and assistance to individuals wishing to travel to Scooby or adopt a Scooby dog.
* To coordinate rescue missions to Scooby with the governing body of Scooby.
* To work closely with Scooby to re-home Galgos and other mixed breed dogs in the United States and Canada by placing them with adoption groups until suitable permanent loving homes can be found.
* To establish a relationship between Scooby and animal lovers in North America and around the world.
* To promote awareness of the plight of the Spanish Galgo amongst the public at large through international educational campaigns.
* To provide assistance to Scooby to maintain and update the shelter.
* To conduct fundraisers and events designed to provide funding for the above mentioned functions.

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