Protect Critically Endangered Caribbean Birds

May 2019
07:00 AM EDT
May 2019
05:00 PM EDT
GOAL $12,000.00
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About Our Auction

The Caribbean islands are home to 172 bird species found nowhere else in the world. Right now, these birds, and their habitats, are under extreme pressure from poaching, climate change and other threats. The Caribbean’s biodiversity is at serious risk with about 1/3 of the region’s species threatened with extinction, making the Caribbean one of the top hotspots for globally threatened species.

That is why concerned artists, Christopher Cox, Donna Grandin & Daniel Jean-Baptiste, have donated their work, including an outstanding image of the Imperial Parrot, to raise funds to protect magnificent endemic Caribbean species.

For years, Caribbean conservation organizations have toiled to bring these birds back from the brink of extinction. Recent hurricanes and lack of resources have caused setbacks that conservationists are desperately working to resolve.

Funds raised from this auction will go to support the recovery of critically endangered Caribbean island species: protecting their habitat and ensuring local communities are engaged in protecting them - actions that will guarantee their survival. Please support our effort and purchase some of the Caribbean's finest artwork.

About BirdsCaribbean

BirdsCaribbean is a vibrant international network of members and partners committed to conserving Caribbean birds and their habitats. We raise awareness, promote sound science, and empower local partners to build a region where people appreciate, conserve and benefit from thriving bird populations and ecosystems. We are a non-profit (501 (c) 3) membership organization with partners and members on every island. More than 100,000 people participate in our programmes each year, making BirdsCaribbean the most broad-based conservation organization in the region.

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