PIE Day Pie Auction 2022

March 2022
12:00 PM MST
March 2022
12:00 PM MST

About Our Auction

March 14th is Pi (3.14...) Day, but the acronym PIE stands for Public, Intentional, and Explicit. Those are the standards to which we hold ourselves when we become Affirming, Welcoming, and Inclusive communities! Affirm United founded this day as an official way to invite people across Canada to show what it means to be inclusive.

You have found SSUC's PIE DAY pie auction! Are your appetites ready to bid on delicious homemade or high-quality bakery pies ? All the funds raised will be shared between CHEW and CAMP DRAGONFLY
CHEW is an Edmonton agency doing vital work with LGBTQ2S+ youth and young adults. See more at https://chewprojectyeg.org/about
CAMP DRAGONFLY is our SSUC sponsored summer and winter camps providing a safe place for trans+ and gender-creative kids. Learn more here: https://camp-dragonfly.com/

Unfortunately, our auction is limited to those in the Edmonton area who can pick up or have local delivery of pies. Those in other regions are invited to make a donation to these wonderful causes or LGBTQ+ agencies in their area!

About SSUC

SSUC is a community where a diverse gathering of people can explore the best of their humanity and how that might inspire us to live with each other, with nature and the world. SSUC is anything but ordinary: committed to celebrating and exploring truth, compassion, justice and courageous living, the community holds a reverence for the spiritual life. Although rooted in the best of the Jesus tradition, SSUC celebrates life-affirming insight and wisdom, wherever we find it.

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