SD Horsemen's 2020 Stallion Service Auction

January 2020
01:00 AM MST
February 2020
08:00 PM MST
GOAL $12,000.00
36.3% To Goal

About Our Auction

Proceeds from this auction will help fund races and other equine activities in South Dakota. Progeny from this auction may be eligible for horse races and barrel races in the future.

South Dakota Horseman’s Association Stallion Auction Terms and Conditions

Opening bid will be at $300, unless a reserve has been stated. Bid increments will be $50.

If there is a tie at the close of the auction. The bidders will be contacted to make their last, best bid. The said bid will be $50 more than their competitor.

About South Dakota Horsemens Association

The South Dakota Hosemens Association stallion service auction has been created thru the generous donations of many fine horsemen in an effort to generate funds to keep the culture of outstanding horsemen alive. Money raised from this fundraiser will be used for purse enhancements of our competing equine athletes in South Dakota. Bid early and bid often in this great opportunity to breed your next champion and the money helps to provide additional opportunity for horses competing. This auction is operated by unpaid volunteers with a passion to keep horse racing alive in the great state of South Dakota.

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