Save A Family From Syria (Kingston)

Save A Family From Syria
November 2015
09:00 PM EST
November 2015
09:12 PM EST

About Our Auction

In concert* with the Sarah Harmer benefit concert at the Isabel on November 20, we are running an online silent auction. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Save a Family for Syria, to fund a third and possible a fourth family of Syrian refugees to come to Kingston.

We have gathered many, many unique and exciting items and experiences for you to bid on. At this time, we are keeping all of these top secret. Stay tuned to this page as the items are revealed. Bidding starts November 10 at 9 p.m. and continues until November 21 at 9 p.m. You can check out many of the items for yourself at the Isabel Bader Theatre on the day of the Sarah Harmer concert.

SAFFS have already brought two families of Syrian refugees to Kingston (the first in July and the second in September). We are working to fundraise money to sponsor a third family. The money raised from the silent auction will help support this third family to live safely in Kingston, free from violence and persecution, and to cover the costs of the families that have already arrived. The costs for sponsoring a family to come to Kingston includes all their living expenses, medical care, and so on (the government doesn’t provide any support) and are usually around $25,000.

Your donation is a way to make a real, concrete difference at this crucial time. It is also a way to net yourself some extraordinary winnings. Are you ready for this?

* See what we did there?

About Save A Family From Syria

In early 2015, the Canadian government announced they would commit to resettle 10,000 Syrian refugees within 3 years. Of those 10,000 refugees, approximately 60% will be sponsored by private groups like Save a Family from Syria and 40% would be sponsored by the Canadian Government.

In 2014, Four Rivers Presbytery (of the United Church) in Kingston partnered with the Islamic Society of Kingston to resettle Syrian refugee families in Kingston. In July of 2015, the first family arrived safely in Kingston and in September the second family arrived to being a new chapter of their lives in Kingston. Four Rivers Presbytery and the Islamic Society of Kingston have partnered to collect funds, file endless paperwork, find lodgings and provide on-going support for Syrian refugee families. Immigration Canada estimates that the cost of bringing refugees into Canada can range from $12,600 for an individual to more than $32,000 for a family of six.

This online auction is one of many fundraising efforts to bring a third family to Kingston. To make a donation, please visit

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