Renda Writer + Product Hunt South Florida

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June 2019
07:45 PM EDT
June 2019
08:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

Startup Grind Fort Lauderdale, General Provision Downtown, and Product Hunt South Florida present an auction with Renda Writer:

Renda Writer is a man who believes in following his passions. Born in New York, and based in Miami, he draws influence from all of his life experiences and continues to soak up all that life has to offer every new day. Whether it’s with art, poetry, or business, he enjoys collaborating with other motivated individuals, both through art and poetry collaborations and through business partnerships. For this auction, he has donated a piece to support the South Florida Entrepreneurship community. Proceeds from this "one of a kind" painting will be given as a prize to the winner of the June 26th Pitch Night hosted at General Provision Downtown Fort Lauderdale in partnership with Startup Grind Fort Lauderdale. Join the family of Renda Writer collectors and support entrepreneurs at the same time by bidding today! Good luck!

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