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Auction to Rebuild Little Hill Sanctuary

Little Hill Sanctuary
April 2022
09:00 PM PDT
April 2022
10:00 PM PDT

Auction to Rebuild Little Hill Sanctuary

Midnight December 26th without warning a flash flood tore through the sanctuary. Many of the pastures flooded and we spent all night in the pouring rain bringing nearly 100 animals to safety on higher ground.

We are so grateful that no lives were lost and everyone is now safe despite some minor injuries. That is what is important. And that is what we are trying to focus on.

But the devastating destruction and property loss we have suffered is something we never could have imagined.

Fencing is damaged. Walls have been torn from buildings. Feed storage has been completely flooded. Tools, halters, pumps, generators, lumber and fencing supplies have all been washed away and replaced by so much littered trash from nearby roadways everywhere.

Please help the sanctuary rebuild. We can not do this without our community of support. We need you now more than ever.

About Little Hill Sanctuary

Little Hill Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that seeks to create a more kind world through rescuing and protecting animals from cruelty, providing them with sanctuary and compassionate care, and combating speciesism through promoting veganism.

We at Little Hill Sanctuary believe that animals are here in this world with us and not for us. We offer a place of refuge to farmed animals who have been abused, neglected, abandoned, commodified, and saved from slaughter. Here at the sanctuary all animals are welcomed with love and compassion, treated as the unique individuals who we know them to be, and provided with sanctuary to live the lives they deserve free from harm.

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